Kurdistan Research Photos

In March of 2011, Kevin M. Curtin, GGS Associate Professor worked with his co-investigator Dr. Lisa Pawloski, and the Kurdish team partners Dr. Hamdia and Dr. Taban to begin the data collection and analysis process for a study of the Spatial Components of Health Outcomes in Erbil, Iraq. The team worked together to develop the survey instruments, to determine methods of obtaining geographic locations in a developing country, and to collect anthropometric measures of health and nutrition for a sample population. We would like to thank the Center for Global Studies at George Mason University, and the administration of the Hawler Medical University College of Nursing for supporting this research effort. We would especially like to thank our Kurdish Partners, Dr. Taban and Dr. Hamdia for their hard work and their generous hospitality during our stay in Kurdistan. This page contains photos of the research efforts. Please click on the Thumbnails below for larger versions of the photos.

Arrival in Erbil

Political Rally

At the Nursing School

Experimenting with GPS

We found a big globe

Field work at Shanidhar

Globe Basketball

NBA comes to Kurdistan?!

Dr. Curtin defended

Research Group in the Field

Presentation Announcement

Administration at Hawler

Presentation Lisa

Presentation Kevin

Hamdia found a great Map!

At the Nursing College

Data collection in Erbil

More data collection in Erbil