2031 Shelby Hall (Laboratory)
204 Farrah Hall (Administrative Office)

Facilities and Equipment

The Laboratory for Location Science maintains laboratories, offices, and equipment to support its core missions.

Analysis Laboratory

The Laboratory's facilities include a set of desktop workstations with geographic information analysis, remote sensing, risk analysis, and statistial analysis software packages. This laboratory is fully networked to provide interactivity and parallel computing capability.

Visualization Laboratory

The Laboratory sustains hardware and software capabilities for interactive and virtual visualization of geographic phenomena.

Mobile Computing Laboratory

A set of thirteen laptops installed with a suite of geographic information analysis software provides an easily exportable capability to enable training, symposia, or field experimentation. A ruggedized set of smartphones delivers additional capabilities to measure the behaviors of participants in human subjects experimentation.


The Laboratory's offices accomodate the scholarly and administrative activities of permanent, visiting, and affiliate faculty as well as undergraduate and graduate students.